Self-Access Centre - Celta

The CELTA Library

If you are looking for more information on the CELTA courses offered at UCL, please check the CELTA courses website.

The TEFL Course Unit / CELTA Library is located in the Self Access Centre (SAC), room LG02 on the Lower Ground Floor of The Centre for Languages and International Education (CLIE). The books are organised alphabetically by category, and are kept in a locked cupboard. There is always a SAC Assistant sat to the right as you enter the SAC, and whoever is on duty will provide you with the keys to the cupboard in return for your UCL identity card. There is a library catalogue on the website that will help you to locate any books that you would like to browse or borrow.

  • CELTA Cupboard 5


  • You may borrow up to two books from the TEFL Course Unit / CELTA Library, and they must be signed out by the SAC Assistant
  • If you can’t find a book, one of your colleagues may have it. Please speak to the SAC Assistant if you need it urgently, and they will tell you who to contact
  • Some books are reference only and cannot be borrowed. These books have a label that says “Reference Only” covering the barcode. There is often more than one copy of these books, so please check in the cupboards or on the catalogue
  • You are welcome to look at the other books in the SAC, but they may not be borrowed

Borrowing time

Books may be borrowed for up to three days at a time. You can renew a book for a further period, but make sure no-one else needs it first. Obviously, there are times when several people want the same book at the same time. The most important thing is that you communicate and cooperate with each other so that you all have reasonable access to books.


The CLIE subscribes to a number of academic journals that you may find useful such as ELT Journal and Journal of English for Academic Purposes. The SAC keeps back copies of selected titles, but you should be able to access a wider range of materials online via the UCL electronic resources service. Unless you are using a UCL computer, you will need your normal username and password to logon to the website.

General Rules

  • Do not write in the books; this includes writing in pencil.
  • Return books promptly so that others can use them.
  • The SAC is reserved for quiet study, and gets very busy during term time. Please go outside if you need to talk.

Please speak to the SAC Assistant if you have any further questions. We hope that you enjoy the library.