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Storyville - The Most Dangerous Man in America

Judith Ehrlich Judith Ehrlich
In 1971, leading Vietnam War strategist Daniel Ellsberg concluded that the war was based on decades of lies. He leaked 7,000 pages of top-secret documents to the New York Times, a daring act of conscience that led directly to Watergate, President Nixon's resignation and the end of the Vietnam War.
History%%%Politics & Public Policy

Storyville - The Queen Of Versailles

Lauren Greenfield
Jackie and David Siegel, a former beauty queen and her billionaire husband, are triumphantly building their dream home in Florida.But when the economic crisis hits, the rarefied world of a truly unique family is turned upside down.
General Interest

Storyville - The Thin Blue Line

Errol Morris
Errol Morris broke cinematic ground with The Thin Blue Line, establishing a new genre in the non-fiction feature by creating a fascinating reconstruction and investigation of a brutal and senseless murder.
Art & Design%%%Law

Storyville - Who Is Gorky? An Abstract Life

Cosima Spender
In a personal journey into a family tragedy, filmmaker Cosima Spender explores how she and her relatives have been shaped by her grandfather - the pioneering Abstract Expressionist painter, Arshile Gorky.
Art & Design

Storyville : Football Gods of Brazil

Documentary telling the story of legendary Brazilian footballers Pele and Garrincha, whose emergence following Brazil's defeat at home in the 1950 World Cup Final heralded the dawn of a golden age of football for the country.

Storyville: I Will Be Murdered

Justin Webster
This week’s Storyville chronicles an extraordinary story of murder, love and political conspiracy triggered when a video of a murdered Guatemalan lawyer surfaced on Youtube in which he foretold his own death and named the culprits.
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Storyville: Knocking On Heaven's Door

George Carey's film shows how the Russian space programme was kick-started by a mystic who taught that science would make us immortal, and carried forward by a scientist who believed that we should evolve into super-humans who could leave our overcrowded planet to colonise the universe. Stranger still, Carey shows how those ideas have survived Communism and adapted themselves to the science of the modern world.

Storyville: The Interrupters - How to Stop a Riot

Steve James
Documentary which tells the surprising story of three dedicated individuals who try to protect their Chicago communities from the violence they themselves once perpetrated. These 'interrupters' intervene in conflicts before the incidents explode into violence.
Politics & Public Policy

Storyville: The Pirate Bay

Simon Klose
Storyville: Documentary telling the story of The Pirate Bay, the world's largest file sharing site which facilitates downloading of copyrighted material. The film follows the three Swedish founders of The Pirate Bay through their trial after they are taken to court by Hollywood and the entertainment industry, accused of breaking copyright law. Seeing themselves as technicians whose aim is to run the world's largest web platform, in scenes bordering on the absurdly comedic they claim that their actions are about freedom and not money.
Computer Science

Street Story : Bruce Springsteen

Since his breakout from the New Jersey Shore in the 1970s, Bruce Springsteen has produced both arm-pumping rock classics and introspective acoustic ballads. His lyrics talk of the struggles of working class America and are interwoven with a cast of intriguing characters. He has become one of the greatest American storytellers since Samuel Clemens.

Strike: When Britain Went To War

More 4
This documentary uses archive footage and the recollections of an eclectic mix of key players from both camps to revisit a crucial period in Britain's social history: the miner's strike of 1984.

Supersized Earth: Part 2 - The Way We Move

In this episode, Dallas explores how we can travel further and faster than ever before - and how our desire to shrink the world is inspiring some of the most extraordinary engineering projects on the planet.

Supersized Earth: Part 1 - A Place to Live

Supersized Earth traces the spectacular story of how humans have transformed our world in a generation. In this awe-inspiring three-part series, Dallas Campbell travels the globe, visiting the world's largest and most ambitious engineering projects, exploring the power of human ingenuity.

Surving Progress

Documentary telling the double-edged story of the grave risks we pose to our own survival in the name of progress. With rich imagery the film connects financial collapse, growing inequality and global oligarchy with the sustainability of mankind itself.
Economics & Finance%%%Environmental Studies

Surviving the Tsunami: My Atomic Aunt

Kyoko Miyake
Storyville: Marking the second anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe, this documentary tells an insightful and surprisingly funny story of a family adjusting to life after the tsunami.

Symphony - Episode 1: Genesis and Genius

Simon Russell Beale presents a radical reappraisal of the place of the symphony in the modern world and explores the surprising way in which it has shaped our history and identity.The first episode begins amidst the turmoil of the French Revolution with the arrival in England of Joseph Haydn, dubbed the \'Father of the Symphony\'.

Symphony - Episode 4: Revolution and Rebirth

Simon Russell Beale\'s journey takes him into the 20th century, a time when the certainties of empire were falling away, war was looming and the world was changing faster than ever before.