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Storyville - Harry Belafonte: Sing Your Song

Susanne Rostock
Storyville: Wonderfully archived and told with a remarkable sense of intimacy, visual style and musical panache, this inspiring biographical documentary surveys the life and times of singer/actor/activist Harry Belafonte.

Storyville - Knuckle: Bare Fist Fighting

Ian Palmer
Documentary which goes inside the secretive Traveller world - a world of long and bitter memories. Filmed over twelve years, the film chronicles a history of violent feuding between rival families, using remarkable access to document the bare-fist fights between the Quinn McDonaghs and the Joyce clans, who, though cousins, have clashed for generations. Vivid, violent and funny, the film explores the need for revenge and the pressure to fight for the honour of your family name.

Storyville - Muderball

Henry Alex Rubin Dana Adam Shapiro
Documentary exploring the sport of wheelchair rugby and the fierce rivalry between the American and Canadian teams before and during the Athens games of 2004.

Storyville - Murder on a Sunday Morning

Jacksonville, Florida, May 2000. Mary Ann Stephens is shot in the head at point blank range in front of her husband. Two hours later, a 15-year-old black American, Brenton Butler, is arrested walking down a nearby street. Jean-Xavier De Lestrade's Academy
  • Law
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Storyville - Particle Fever: The Hunt for the Higgs Boson

Documentary which follows six brilliant scientists during the launch of the Large Hadron Collider, marking the start of the biggest and most expensive experiment in the history of the planet. Filmed over seven years, it is an emotionally charged journey with scientists attempting to push the edge of human innovation.

Storyville - Power, Money, Greed & Oil

Rachel Boynton
An epic venture into capitalism at the beginning of the 21st century. Made over five years, this documentary is a comprehensive insider account of a modern-day gold rush as Dallas-based Kosmos Energy race ahead to develop the first commercial oil field in Ghana's history, in the deep waters of the Gulf of Guinea.
Economics & Finance

Storyville - Pussy Riot - A Punk Prayer

Sundance award-winning documentary which tells the compelling story of how a group of young, feminist punk rockers known as Pussy Riot captured the world's attention by protesting against Putin's Russia. Through first-hand interviews with band members, their families and the defence team, and exclusive footage of the trial, it highlights the forces that transformed these women from playful political activists to modern-day icons.
Politics & Public Policy

Storyville - Rise Up Reggae Star

On an island where reggae is considered the voice of the people and an outlet for survival, Rise Up Reggae Star follows three aspiring artists who seek to 'rise up' from obscurity for their chance at success.

Storyville - The English Surgeon

Geoffrey Smith
Geoffrey Smith's moving film follows Henry as he travels to Kiev to help Igor operate on a young man called Marian, who without surgery has just months to live. When Henry arrives, he faces a serious challenge - Marian must be awake when his tumour is removed, and Henry must use the most basic tools, including a Black and Decker drill.
Medical Sciences

Storyville - The Great Hip Hop Hoax

Foul-mouthed Californian hip hop duo Silibil n' Brains were going to be massive. But no-one knew the pair were really amiable Scotsmen, with fake American accents and made up identities. This documentary tells the audacious tale of how two lads from Dundee duped the record industry and nearly destroyed themselves.

Storyville - The House I Live In

Eugene Jarecki
Filmed in more than twenty states, this film captures a definitive and heart-wrenching portrait of individuals at all levels of America's War on Drugs. From the dealer to the grieving mother, the narcotics officer to the senator, the inmate to the federal judge, the film offers a penetrating look inside America's longest war, revealing its profound human rights implications.
Policy Challenges

Storyville - The Law in these Parts

Ra'anan Alexandrowicz
Documentary looking at justice in the land inhabited by Palestinians and captured by Israel in the 1967 war. The occupation began with the idea that Israel's presence would be temporary. Israelis dispensed justice through military courts, but these still exist.
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Storyville - The Most Dangerous Man in America

Judith Ehrlich Judith Ehrlich
In 1971, leading Vietnam War strategist Daniel Ellsberg concluded that the war was based on decades of lies. He leaked 7,000 pages of top-secret documents to the New York Times, a daring act of conscience that led directly to Watergate, President Nixon's resignation and the end of the Vietnam War.
History%%%Politics & Public Policy

Storyville - The Queen Of Versailles

Lauren Greenfield
Jackie and David Siegel, a former beauty queen and her billionaire husband, are triumphantly building their dream home in Florida.But when the economic crisis hits, the rarefied world of a truly unique family is turned upside down.
General Interest

Storyville - The Thin Blue Line

Errol Morris
Errol Morris broke cinematic ground with The Thin Blue Line, establishing a new genre in the non-fiction feature by creating a fascinating reconstruction and investigation of a brutal and senseless murder.
Art & Design%%%Law

Storyville - Who Is Gorky? An Abstract Life

Cosima Spender
In a personal journey into a family tragedy, filmmaker Cosima Spender explores how she and her relatives have been shaped by her grandfather - the pioneering Abstract Expressionist painter, Arshile Gorky.
Art & Design

Storyville : Football Gods of Brazil

Documentary telling the story of legendary Brazilian footballers Pele and Garrincha, whose emergence following Brazil's defeat at home in the 1950 World Cup Final heralded the dawn of a golden age of football for the country.

Storyville: I Will Be Murdered

Justin Webster
This week’s Storyville chronicles an extraordinary story of murder, love and political conspiracy triggered when a video of a murdered Guatemalan lawyer surfaced on Youtube in which he foretold his own death and named the culprits.
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Storyville: Knocking On Heaven's Door

George Carey's film shows how the Russian space programme was kick-started by a mystic who taught that science would make us immortal, and carried forward by a scientist who believed that we should evolve into super-humans who could leave our overcrowded planet to colonise the universe. Stranger still, Carey shows how those ideas have survived Communism and adapted themselves to the science of the modern world.

Storyville: The Interrupters - How to Stop a Riot

Steve James
Documentary which tells the surprising story of three dedicated individuals who try to protect their Chicago communities from the violence they themselves once perpetrated. These 'interrupters' intervene in conflicts before the incidents explode into violence.
Politics & Public Policy

Storyville: The Pirate Bay

Simon Klose
Storyville: Documentary telling the story of The Pirate Bay, the world's largest file sharing site which facilitates downloading of copyrighted material. The film follows the three Swedish founders of The Pirate Bay through their trial after they are taken to court by Hollywood and the entertainment industry, accused of breaking copyright law. Seeing themselves as technicians whose aim is to run the world's largest web platform, in scenes bordering on the absurdly comedic they claim that their actions are about freedom and not money.
Computer Science

Street Story : Bruce Springsteen

Since his breakout from the New Jersey Shore in the 1970s, Bruce Springsteen has produced both arm-pumping rock classics and introspective acoustic ballads. His lyrics talk of the struggles of working class America and are interwoven with a cast of intriguing characters. He has become one of the greatest American storytellers since Samuel Clemens.

Strike: When Britain Went To War

More 4
This documentary uses archive footage and the recollections of an eclectic mix of key players from both camps to revisit a crucial period in Britain's social history: the miner's strike of 1984.