Resources Room - Spanish

Welcome to the Resources Room materials database. Here you can find out about the Spanish materials we have in the Resources Room and how you can use them in your teaching.

The Resources Room is here to provide you with materials you might find useful for preparing and teaching your courses. Please use the Resources menu above to check the various books available to you. You will find they are divided in different categories (course books, grammar, reading etc). It will be very useful to other tutors if you use the rating system provided for each book to rate your experience using it.

In the section entitled Other Materials you will find various links to online resources which might be useful to you in designing and preparing your classes. If there are online materials you know about and you would like to share with the other tutors, please email them to us and we will add them to the list. Some other links could prove helpful for your students to use outside of the classroom - these are available to them through the Self-Access Centre website. Please feel free to recommend them to your students.

Please find below a list of tutors for Spanish for the academic year 2011-2012. The Course Unit Coordinator is Carmen Cabrera Balaguer (c.balaguer@ucl.ac.uk ).

The Spanish tutors are:

This year's Evening Course tutors are: