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Welcome to the database of EAP teaching and learning resources

Published materials

These materials are available in the Teacher Resources Room LG12. Click on Published Materials in the menu above. You will see that they are divided into categories. Click on a category and browse. You can also search the database by typing keywords such as author, title, publisher, into the Search box. The catalogue number will enable you to locate the item in the Teacher Resources Room.

  • Teacher Reasources Room

Online materials for students

These materials were produced in-house by teachers at the CLIE. They are available online or in the Self Access Centre.  Please recommend them to students as appropriate.  You could also use these materials during lessons in the Self Access Centre or in a computer room in order to demonstrate their value and encourage students to use them in their own time.

Useful links

Here you will find links to a range of teaching and learning websites where you may find materials and activities that you can integrate into your lessons.

Video archive

This is an archive of the students’ presentations, as well as TEFL lessons and past exams which tutors can use for reference.

Sample presentations

These presentations can be used as examples to show students. Teachers new to UCL can use them to check their marking against UCL’s assessment criteria.