Resources Room


The Resources Room is located in 26 Bedford Way, LG12 and is available for all tutors to use when preparing their courses. Online you can find a list of books and other materials available in each language. A few desktop PCs are available in this room to assist you in preparing your course.

The purpose of the Resources Room is to provide CLIE staff with resources for their teaching needs. The books are organised by language and an inventory is available online for each language taught at CLIE. If you need to borrow a book, please make sure to sign it out in the notebook on the right-hand counter. The books are categorised into different types, such as course books, grammar, vocabulary, and so on.

We also have a collection of audio materials which can be used for preparing or teaching a class. Please return them to the Resources Room after each class, as other tutors might be interested in using the same materials.

We have put together a list of online materials for each language, available through the Self-Access Centre website, under Language Resources - Other Materials - External Language Resources. These materials can be used by CLIE staff and students as additional tools for teaching and learning. Please have a look at the resources available for your language. If there are other resources that you would recommend, or some that you don’t consider useful please email Ruxandra and she will amend the list accordingly.

If you require further information regarding the Resources Room, please contact:
Rob Lawson
Self-Access Centre Coordinator
UCL Centre for Languages and International Education
26 Bedford Way
United Kingdom