Important News

  • Summer Term 2015Classes will commence on Monday 27th April 2015
  • Enrollment for the Summer Term is extended until Friday 8th May 2015 at 5pm

Vacancy List

SummerTerm 2015 - Monday 27th April to Friday 3rd July 2015 (10 weeks)

Evening Classes are held once a week for two hours from either 17:00-19:00 or 19:00-21:00.

Please find below list of courses still available. Enrolment for these classes is extended until 8th May 2015.

This list is updated only once a day and we operate on a first-come first-served basis.

Should you wish to enrol on a course please follow the steps below:

  • Consult the online Syllabi to determine your ability level
  • Check that your ability level is included on the vacancy list below (these are the courses we still have places for)
  • Complete the online application form
  • Pay through our secure payment page
  • Email us confirming the language and ability level at clie-eveningcourses@ucl.ac.uk
Arabic 1 Thu 5pm
Arabic 2 Mon 7pm
Arabic 2+ Wed 7pm
Dutch 1 Tue 5pm
Dutch 2 Wed 6pm
Dutch 3+ Wed 7pm
French 1 Thu 7pm
French 1+ Tue 5pm
French 2 Wed 7pm
French 2+ Wed 5pm
French 2+ Wed 7pm
French 3+ Thu 5pm
French 3+ Tue 7pm
French 4 Tue 7pm
French 4+ Thu 7pm
French 5 Wed 5pm
French 5+ Thu 5pm
French P Tue 7pm
Greek 1 Thu 5pm
Greek 2 Thu 7pm
Greek 5 Tue 7pm
Greek P Tue 5pm
German 1 Tue 5pm
German 1 Wed 7pm
German 1+ Mon 7pm
German 2+ Thu 7pm
German 2+ Wed 5pm
German 3 Tue 5pm
German 3+ Mon 5pm
German 4 Tue 7pm
German 4+ Wed 5pm
German 5+/6 Wed 7pm
Hebrew 2 Tue 7pm
Icelandic 1 Thu 7pm
Icelandic 1+ Thu 5pm
Icelandic 2 Wed 7pm
Icelandic 5 Tue 7pm
Italian 1+ Tue 7pm
Italian 2 Wed 7pm
Italian 2+/3 Tue 7pm
Italian 4+ Wed 6pm
Italian P Mon 7pm
Japanese 1 Thu 7pm
Japanese 1+ Mon 5pm
Japanese 2+ Thu 7pm
Japanese 3 Tue 5pm
Japanese 3+ Mon 7pm
Japanese 4+ Thu 5pm
Japanese P Tue 7pm
Latin 1+ Thu 5pm
Latin 2 Wed 5pm
Latin 5 Wed 7pm
Mandarin 1 Wed 5pm
Mandarin 1+ Wed 5pm
Mandarin 2 Tue 5pm
Mandarin 2 Wed 7pm
Mandarin 3 Wed 7pm
Mandarin 4 Tue 7pm
Mandarin P Thu 7pm
Norwegian 1 Wed 7pm
Norwegian 2 Thu 7pm
Norwegian 2+ Thu 5pm
Portuguese 1 Thu 7pm
Portuguese 3 Wed 7pm
Portuguese 4 Thu 7pm
Spanish 1 Wed 5pm
Spanish 1+ Wed 5pm
Spanish 2 Wed 7pm
Spanish 2+ Mon 5pm
Spanish 2+ Tue 7pm
Spanish 3+ Wed 7pm
Spanish 4 Thu 5pm
Spanish 4+ Tue 5pm
Spanish 5 Thu 7pm
Spanish P Mon 7pm
Swedish 1 Mon 7pm
Swedish 1+ Wed 7pm
Swedish 2 Tue 7pm
Swedish 5/5+ Thu 7pm
Turkish 2 Tue 7pm

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