Important News

  • Summer Term 2015 -¬† Classes will commence on Monday 27th April 2015.
  • Enrollment for the Summer Term opens on 23rd February 2015.

Refund Policy and Process

  • Participants who wish to retract their registration and receive a full refund¬† must contact us within 7 working days from purchase if the purchase is made more than two weeks prior the beginning of the term-start date*.
  • Participants who retract their registration within the two weeks prior the beginning of the term-start date* will be eligible for a refund with a 20% admin charge.
  • Participants who pay for a course within 7 days or less prior the term-start date* are not eligible for a refund.
  • The UCL CLIE has a policy of no-deferral.

* Two full weeks before the advertised term start-date. As the start date will always be a Monday, the last day for refunds (minus a 20% admin charge) will always fall on a Friday, regardless of the timetable you are withdrawing from.

Beyond this time limit no refunds nor deferrals will be granted.

- If the original payment was made by card, we will need the card details in order to process the refund. We can only refund the person who paid originally.

- If the original payment was made by cash, the refund must be in the form of a cheque. Please note that this can take up to six weeks to issue.

Once a term has started we will not issue any refunds or offer any deferrals of fees to future terms.

Please check our Terms and Condition.

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