What English language skills will I learn on a Pre-sessional course?

All four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing are taught in relation to their use in an academic environment. Therefore, speaking  classes will focus on seminar skills and giving formal oral presentations; the listening skills classes will concentrate on listening to academic lectures and effective note-taking; the reading skills classes will equip you with the necessary strategies for fast and effective reading of a variety of academic texts; and the writing skills classes will help you to express your ideas clearly, accurately and in an academic style. Grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary development are integrated into the above skills classes.

In addition to improving your language skills, you will complete one or more extended essays (depending on the length of the course) during which you will learn to search for academic sources and critically evaluate these before incorporating them into your written work.

What is a tutorial?

This is a one-to-one weekly meeting between yourself and your main course tutor. It is an opportunity for you and your tutor to discuss the progress you are making, to concentrate on any language learning difficulties you may be facing, and to go through corrected homework tasks or through other work that you have completed as part of your self-study. This regular contact with your personal tutor means that they can build up a clear picture of your language learning and the progress you are making, and they can guide you much more closely in your studies. You may also wish to discuss university applications with your tutor, or more personal issues relating to your life in London. 

Will there be classes related to my specific subject area?

At least one of the extended written assignments on the course will be related to your specific subject area. Similarly, your assessed oral presentation assignment will also focus on your specific subject area. These assignments will require you to search for, and evaluate sources related to your subject and to incorporate them appropriately into your writing and speaking. In addition, these assignments will encourage you to expand your subject specific vocabulary. On longer courses, for some afternoon lessons you will have the opportunity to meet and work with other students who share similar academic interests to yourself.

The timetable also includes a lecture programme given by leading UCL academics tailored to reflect the subject areas students are hoping to study on completion of the Pre-sessional course.

How much extra studying will I be expected to do outside the classroom?

The Pre-sessional courses are full-time and extremely intensive. We expect you to spend a minimum of 10 hours per week working on homework and self-study tasks, though this will probably increase as you begin work on your course assessments. You will have many opportunities to further develop your language skills by spending time in the Self-Access Centre (SAC) or using the Self Access Centre website from your home and by carrying out research tasks in the UCL libraries. 

Pre-sessional Student working in Class

Pre-sessional Student working in

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