English for Academic Purposes

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British Council 2011

All English language courses have been accredited and are regularly inspected by the British Council.


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This one-term course aims to assist participants whose main language is not English with elements of English pronunciation and so increase their confidence and effectiveness at communication in seminars, tutorials and laboratory demonstrations as well as day-to-day communication with others.


Areas to be covered include the key elements of pronunciation such as individual sounds, strong and weak forms, word, phrase and sentence stress, linking in fast speech, and intonation. The course does not include specific work on presentations (for this, see the Pronunciation and Public Speaking course): instead, it includes freer speaking activities related to the academic environment, such as role plays, giving explanations and definitions and short discussions.

Delivery and Methodology

In order to maximise participation and opportunities to speak, there are many pair and small group communicative activities. Class activities will therefore concentrate on developing those elements of pronunciation which enable participants to make themselves more clearly and easily understood. The tutor will give regular and individual feedback during these activities. Each student will also receive one 30-minute individual tutorial.

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