English for Academic Purposes

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British Council 2011

All English language courses have been accredited and are regularly inspected by the British Council.

Pronunciation and Public Speaking

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This one-term course is for students and staff whose main language is not English but who have an advanced knowledge of English.


The course aims to assist participants in developing speaking skills for formal contexts such as lectures, seminars and conferences. Specific difficulties are identified and general assistance provided with English pronunciation. Participants also acquire strengthened presentation skills to help them function more effectively in a higher education or professional environment.


Areas to be covered in pronunciation include: individual sounds, connected speech, word and phrase stress and intonation.

For the public speaking component, the course covers: structuring a presentation; using appropriate linking devices and expressions; effective use of visuals; appropriate body language and voice (practising what has been learned in the pronunciation part of the course); and dealing with an audience and questions.

At the end of the course, participants will have increased their effectiveness and confidence in speaking in public as well as in more informal situations.

Delivery and Methodology

In order to maximise student participation, there are many pair and small-group communicative activities. These will concentrate on developing pronunciation which enables participants to make themselves clearly and easily understood.

Early in the course, each participant gives a short class presentation which is filmed, and individual performances are then analysed in a 30-minute tutorial (one per student, arranged outside regular class hours). More general feedback on pronunciation and presentations is provided in class throughout the course.

There is no formal assessment on this course, but participants give a final 10-minute presentation incorporating much of what they have learned, which is filmed and afterwards made accessible online though a personal link sent by email.

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