English for Academic Purposes

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British Council 2011

All English language courses have been accredited and are regularly inspected by the British Council.

Academic Speaking Skills

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This one-term course for speakers whose main language is not English gives an opportunity to those who have reached an upper-intermediate level (or higher) to practise extensive speaking and discussion skills under tutor guidance.


The course aims are:

  • to consolidate and develop participants' speaking skills as required in an academic English-speaking environment; for example, in tutorials, class discussions and seminars
  • to review and give practice in a variety of appropriate techniques and phrases that will help participants take part in discussions more confidently and effectively 
  • to provide practice in exchanging personal ideas on an interesting variety of discussion topics agreed by the tutor and class participants 


Areas to be covered include: agreeing and disagreeing; expressing and asking for opinions; asking for clarification and introducing counter-examples; turn-taking, interrupting and preventing interruptions; following up on other speakers’ points; hesitating and expressing degrees of certainty; responding to difficult questions; overcoming the fear of saying things incorrectly; being an active listener, and the use of non-verbal language. Elements of pronunciation and vocabulary will be covered during the course as appropriate. The course does NOT cover formal presentations (see the Pronunciation and Public Speaking course) or detailed work on pronunciation (see Pronunciation course).

Delivery and Methodology

Classes consist of pairwork and group activities (small groups or the whole class together) to give each participant the opportunity to benefit from speaking time in a controlled environment. The tutor monitors individual performance in terms of vocabulary, accuracy and pronunciation, and provides regular feedback.

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