English for Academic Purposes

Brochures available at CLIE Reception from September.

British Council 2011

All English language courses have been accredited and are regularly inspected by the British Council.

Academic Listening, Academic Speaking and Pronunciation

These courses focus on understanding and using spoken English. For help with understanding academic lectures and following seminar discussions, choose the Academic Listening Skills course. If you are mostly concerned about making yourself understood and speaking and pronouncing more clearly, then you should choose the Pronunciation course. If you feel you need to gain confidence in public speaking (giving presentations, seminars or speaking at conferences), in addition to improving your general pronunciation, then you should choose the Pronunciation and Public Speaking course. If you would like to gain more confidence in more informal, unrehearsed speaking such as class discussions and seminars or even tutorials, then choose the Academic Speaking Skills course.

Please note:

  • If your English pronunciation is already very good but you wish to speak like a native speaker, or if people already treat you like a native speaker, for example, on the phone, then these courses may not be suitable for you.


I want to improve my general speaking skills. Which course should I choose?

Will the Pronunciation and Public Speaking, and Pronunciation courses help me to improve my general conversation and discussion skills?

Is the Pronunciation and Public Speaking course suitable for professional people?

  • Yes, if you are required to give presentations in your work.
  • Yes, if you would like to improve your public speaking and pronunciation skills.

Will the Academic Speaking Skills course include pronunciation and presentations?

  • Not specifically.
  • Some pronunciation may be included but we do not teach pronunciation systematically in this course (see Pronunciation).
  • Your tutor may give you the opportunity to make a short seminar presentation in the class, but we do not specifically practise presentation skills (see Pronunciation and Public Speaking).

Will the Pronunciation course help me speak like a native speaker, or speak ‘correct British English’?

  • No.
  • Our aim is to help your speak more clearly and accurately, so that others can understand you. To achieve a more native-speaker-like pronunciation is likely to require intensive one-to-one training or voice coaching. Such a transformation is not possible from a short course.

What level of English should I have for these classes?

  • For all classes, your level should be upper intermediate to advanced.
  • We will assess your speaking level for the Academic Speaking Skills course through a short interview during the enrolment period.

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