English for Academic Purposes

Brochures available at CLIE Reception from September.

British Council 2011

All English language courses have been accredited and are regularly inspected by the British Council.

FAQs for Academic Writing, Academic Reading, and Advanced Grammar

Will I need to take a test to enrol for any of these three courses?

No, but the Co-ordinator or a course teacher will be available to speak with you during official enrolment times and answer any questions. Otherwise, please take your completed application form and payment directly to the EAP Office in Room 121.

Are the classes organised by level of English?

  • No, classes are open to anyone who identifies the course as relevant to their needs.
  • Levels range from upper-intermediate to advanced.

What does 'Academic' mean?

It means skills to help with academic study, such as a university degree.

Will there be much grammar in the Academic Writing Course?

  • The main emphasis in the course is on improving skills in writing.
  • Grammar will be covered as needed by the participants (along with vocabulary and style).
  • If you want more grammar, please refer to the Advanced Grammar course. 

Can I get a certificate?

  • Yes, if you attend 80% or more of the classes.
  • Please note that our certificates are not formal English language qualifications and cannot be used to ‘prove’ your English level outside UCL (or to UCL if you are not yet enrolled as a UCL student).

Will there be a lot of homework?

  • This depends on you! We encourage all participants to complete homework each week. For the Academic Writing Course this could be as little as one paragraph, though the opportunity to write more is available, and tutor feedback can help you to make greater progress. Some self-study homework for Advanced Grammar may be provided together with an answer key for checking, but questions from the homework are welcomed in the next class on any aspects that remain unclear.
  • Homework for Academic Reading will take the form of reading and preparing texts for the next class.
  • We know how busy it can become for students on their main course of study and can understand that participants therefore may not be able to complete all the homework offered.

Can the tutor help me with, or proof-read my departmental coursework?

  • No.
  • For the Academic Writing Course, students may bring in a piece of departmental coursework which has already been marked and assessed, which may help the tutor to prioritise an individual self-study plan. However, the tutor is not able to help or proof-read ongoing coursework which has not yet been submitted.

What is the level of the Academic Reading course?

  • It is designed for participants who have problems coping with reading on their main course of undergraduate or postgraduate study.
  • It is not for participants who have an advanced level of English.

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