English for Academic Purposes

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British Council 2011

All English language courses have been accredited and are regularly inspected by the British Council.

Thesis Writing Option A (for registered MPhil/PhD students)

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Aims of Option A

Thesis Writing Option A is a 34-hour course taught over one term which aims to present and practise the organisation and rhetorical structure of the thesis together with the associated grammar. The course is designed for students whose main language is not English and who require specialist tuition in order to improve their academic writing skills.


The content of the Option A course is based on models of good paragraph and good thesis construction. At the same time, sentence-level writing is addressed by indentifying individual students’ weaknesses through class and homework exercises. Students’ own experience of practice is in their own subject areas and discussion of work in progress forms an important ingredient of the classes.

Delivery and Methodology

Classroom activities include a mixture of individual, pair and small group work, including group presentations, based on a variety of material and exercises. The tutor acts as facilitator and high levels of student participation are encouraged. Students also complete pieces of writing at home, which they are encouraged to develop on the basis of comments from both tutor and participants. Course books and participants’ own work are used as resources for learning. Participants are given feedback in the form of detailed tutor comments on written exercises.

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