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Academic Writing Course

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This one-term course aims to develop an awareness of the theory and conventions of academic literacy, from structure to style, with an increasing focus on the academic essay. The course is designed for students who are registered on a taught academic course, whose main language is not English and who require specialist tuition in order to improve their academic writing skills.


Features of academic writing that are introduced and practised include:

  • The structure of paragraphs and inter-paragraph cohesion
  • The distinction between register and style; the conventions of register in academic writing and the development of personal style, including ways to convey writer’s stance
  • Academic conventions of citing sources (including author-prominent or information-prominent citations) and creating footnotes and reference lists
  • The structure of longer texts such as essays
  • Techniques of generation of ideas by individual brainstorming and peer consultation
  • Appropriate grammar and vocabulary to consolidate writing skills

Delivery and Methodology

Classroom activities include a mixture of individual, pair and small group work, based on a variety of material and exercises. Students also complete pieces of writing in class and at home, which they are encouraged to self-correct on the basis of tutor comments. They are also given recommendations for self-study.

Students may bring in departmental coursework which has already been marked and assessed. This will help in setting up the individual self-study plan. However, tutors are not able to help with or proof-read ongoing coursework which has not yet been submitted.

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