Academic Writing, Advanced Grammar

These one-term courses for non-native speakers of English are offered for 8 weeks in Term 1 and repeated in Term 2 for new students. Courses in Term 3 run for 6 weeks. There is one two-hour class each week at the dates and times indicated. 

The Academic Writing Course covers the structures, organisation, conventions and language of academic writing as required for undergraduate (BA/BSc) and taught masters (MA/MSc) students, together with guidance on appropriate conventions and style.

Advanced Grammar is a course open to all who wish to improve their English grammar further for writing and/or academic speaking. The level is suitable for upper intermediate speakers (e.g. IELTS 6.5) and above.

Thesis Writing (Option A, Option B)

These courses are for registered MPhil or PhD students. Thesis Writing Option A is targeted at students in their 1st or 2nd year (normally before taking their upgrade).

For students in their final year, writing up chapters of their PhD thesis, Option B offers tailored writing support based on the tutor's analysis of extracts from their thesis chapters. 

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