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The UCL Self-Access Centre (SAC) provides comprehensive facilities for self-directed study. The SAC is located in LG02 of 26 Bedford Way and contains a network of PCs with access to over 3000 films, TV documentaries and course videos in a variety of languages as well as English terrestrial television channels and live foreign language satellite broadcasts. Users also have access to many CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) resources, journals and online newspapers. Many of the resources, including films and documentaries, are now available to UCL students and staff via the website.

The Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) facilities have a range of programmes, such as listening and recording, accessing corresponding text, watching digitised video materials and receiving immediate feedback, as well as grammar and vocabulary exercises.

There is also a wide range of course books, grammar books, dictionaries, support books and other specialist literature, as well as a selection of newspapers and magazines to assist with language learning. A database describing the available resources has been developed by language tutors in order to enable you to find materials for listening, writing, reading, pronunciation and grammar easily and quickly. You can access this database via the Self-Access Centre website.

All facilities are easy to use, with clear instructions and documentation. There is always a member of staff in attendance, and introductory sessions and advice on how to obtain the most out of self-study can be arranged. 

The Self-Access Centre is open Monday to Thursday 08:00-22:00, Friday 08:00-19:00 and Saturday 10:00-17:00. Only UCL students and staff carrying a UCL ID card will be admitted.

During the first few weeks of Term 1 your tutor will show you the various facilities in the SAC and explain how to make best use of them.

The Library also has some CLIE material which can be borrowed.

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