UCL Centre for Languages & International Education (CLIE)


CELTA qualification

Teaching Practice is assessed under the CELTA scheme.  The advantage of this is that the Cambridge English CELTA is recognised worldwide (with over 12000 candidates qualifying every year) and is therefore a valuable qualification to add to your CV when applying for work in the UK and abroad. Whilst the decision to study for the CELTA in addition to LCTE7900 is your decision and is not compulsory, we strongly recommend you do take it as this will allow you to gain practical teaching experience and an additional vocational qualification. Attendance at TP as an observer is a requirement of the course unit.  

For the CELTA, you will need to complete a CELTA 5 record booklet in which you need to record administrative details in terms of your progress. You will also need to pay an entry fee to Cambridge English (£140) by Monday 30 November 2015.

Comparison of assessment between LCTE7900 and CELTA qualifications

LCTE7900 component

CELTA component


Progress Test
Grammar, lexis, phonology, methodology. The language section will be submitted as the Language Assignment for the CELTA.
Assignment 1
1500-2000 word essay on using authentic materials (reading skills). Same.
Assignment 2
2000-2500 word case study on an individual learner. Same.
Teaching Practice
N/a. Six hours of assessed TP at three levels (pre-intermediate, upper intermediate and pre-advanced).


Oral Examination N/a.
Written Examination N/a.


Classroom observation
One observation of an English class at UCL CLIE for 1.5 hours. Same.
One observation of an English class at a private language school for 1.5 hours. Same.
Three hours of filmed English classes. Same.
Progress tutorial
20 minutes at the beginning of Term 2 with two tutors. Same.
Follow-up tutorial if necessary. Same.