Course structure

Modern foreign language and English for Academic Purposes course units


All classes run for the full academic year – i.e. from October to March. You will have two or four hours tuition every week* (0.5 or 1.0 course unit/15 or 30 credits). Classes are held in the target language and are kept as small as possible.

To fully benefit from the programme you should attend ALL your language classes. Absence from a class means missing an essential element of the course. UCL's minimum attendance requirement is 70%; should your attendance fall below this you may be withdrawn from the course and/or barred from sitting the Reading and Writing Examination in May.

If you are (or will be) unable to attend a class, please contact your CLIE language tutor as soon as possible so you can discuss how to catch up. You should also inform your CLIE tutor of the reason(s) for your absence.

Workshops (Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin)

For Arabic, Japanese and Mandarin there are additional compulsory weekly workshops in Terms 1 and 2 to assist students with additional practice in these languages.


You should spend four or eight hours every week (0.5 or 1.0 course unit/15 or 30 credits) studying on your own, re‐enforcing the skills acquired in class. This consists of homework – set regularly by your CLIE tutor(s) and corrected in class or marked by your tutor as appropriate – and work guided informally by your tutor but set, performed and evaluated by yourself. It is essential that an appropriate amount of time is dedicated to self‐study throughout the course.

You are encouraged to keep a logbook with a detailed and critical account of the various tasks and exercises. This will enable your tutor to monitor your long‐term progress.

Language and culture activities

The CLIE Events Officer, Tina Dickson, will organise language and culture-related events for students taking courses at syllabus C and above (e.g. academia, art, business and current affairs, customs and traditions, food). These events will take place in Term 1 and in Term 2 and will allow students to expand their foreign language practice through guided tours, discussions and seminars.

Language exchange

The CLIE Events Officer, Tina Dickson, will organise language exchanges starting in Term 1.

TEFL course unit


Classes will take place over two days each week during Term 1 and Term 2.

Teaching practice, followed by feedback, will take place every Thursday 17:00-20:00. The language and methodology class will be scheduled around the availability of those students registered on the course; this will be done at a timetabling session which you must attend.

Those teaching on Thursday will initially be required to see a TEFL tutor for a meeting on either Wednesday or Thursday.

You will have a written tutorial in Term 1 and a face-to-face tutorial early in Term 2 with two tutors (with a follow-up tutorial if necessary).


There are DVDs with teaching examples for you to watch in your own time in the Self-Access Centre. You will also have the opportunity to do some self-study work with materials on the TEFL Course Unit Moodle site. You should expect to spend up to 10 hours every week on TEFL related studies.

* Plus weekly workshops for Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin.

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