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Trust, Distrust and Economic Integration

  • Modern Law Review Workshop
30 June & 1 July 2009 The Regulation of Trade in Services: Trust, Distrust and Economic Integration
About the workshop

The Workshop is a joint initiative between the Centre for Law, Economics and Society at University College London and the Centre for European Legal Studies at the Cambridge Faculty of Law.

The workshop explored the regulation of services in the European Internal Market and other international trade regimes, such as the WTO. The aim was to examine the importance of the concept of ‘trust’ in the liberalisation of services and ‘trust’ building mechanisms that enable States to accept service provision that is governed by a regulatory standard determined and enforced elsewhere. This should explain de-regulation, sector specific re-regulation, and the exclusion of specific sectors from the scope of international rules on trade in services. The results are relevant not only to the European Internal Market project, but also to other projects of regional or global economic integration and governance, such as the MERCOSUR, ASEAN and the WTO.

Regulating Trade in Services in the EU and the WTO
This workshop led to the publication of Regulating Trade in Services in the EU and the WTO: Trust, Distrust and Economic Integration. Ioannis Lianos (Co-Editor with Okeoghene Odudu), Cambridge University Press 2012.

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