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CLES Research Paper Series

Causal Uncertainty and Damages Claims for Infringement of Competition Law in Europe

Ioannis Lianos
 1/2015 The Effectiveness of Antitrust Enforcement Instruments: A Matter of Agency Relation

Florence Thépot
 7/2014 Brands, Product Differentiation and EU Competition Law

Ioannis Lianos
 6/2014 The Principle of Effectiveness, Competition Law Remedies and the Limits of Adjudication

Ioannis Lianos
 5/2014 In Memoriam Keck: The Reformation of the EU Law on the Free Movement of Goods

Ioannis Linaos
 4/2014 Judicial Scrutiny of Financial Penalties in Competition Law: A Comparative Perspective

Ioannis Lianos, Frédéric Jenny, Florian Wagner von Papp, Evgenia Motchenkova, Eric David
 3/2014 An Optimal and Just Financial Penalties System for Infrigments of Competition Law: A Comparative Analysis

Ioannis Lianos, Frédéric Jenny, Florian Wagner von Papp, Evgenia Motchenkova, Eric David
 2/2014 The Diffusion of Impact Assessment Practices in Europe

Ioannis Lianos, Mihály Fazekas and Maksim Karliuk
 1/2014 The One and the Many: Elaborating a taxonomy of Impact Assessment practices in Europe

Ioannis Lianos and Mihály Fazekas
 4/2013 New Challenges in the Intersection of Intellectual. Property Rights with Competition Law. A View from Europe and the United States

Ioannis Lianos and Rochelle C. Dreyfuss
 3/2013 Some Reflections on the Question of the Goals of EU Competition Law

Ioannis Lianos
 2/2013 Competition Law Remedies in Europe. Which Limits for Remedial Discretion?

Ioannis Lianos
 1/2013 Abuses of Dominance in Developing Countries: A View from the South with an Eye on Telecoms

Simon Roberts and Javier Tapia
 7/2012 The Consequences of Neoclassical Price Theory for U.S. Predatory Pricing Law

Jay Matthew Strader
 6/2012 Econometric Evidence in EU Competition Law: An Empirical and Theoretical Analysis

Ioannis Lianos and Christos Genakos
 5/2012 The Emergence of Forensic Economics in Competition Law: Foundations for a Sociological Analysis

Ioannis Lianos
 4/2012 Market Power in Online Search and Social-Networking: A Matter of Two-Sided Markets

Florence Thépot
 3/2012 Towards a Bureaucracy Theory of the Interaction between Competition Law and State Action

Ioannis Lianos
 2/2012 Market Dominance and Quality of Search Results in the Search Engine Market

Ioannis Lianos and Evgenia Motchenkova
 1/2012 Development Economics and Competition. A Parallel Intellectual History

Ioannis Lianos, Abel Mateus and Azza Raslan
"Cosi fan tutte"? Linking Levels of Development and Competition Law Regimes

Ioannis Lianos and Abel Mateus
Competition Law Remedies. In Search of a Theory

Ioannis Lianos
Trust, Distrust and Economic Integration. Setting the Stage

Ioannis Lianos and Johannes Le Blanc
Shifting Narratives in European Economic Integration. Trade in Services, Pluralism and Trust

Ioannis Lianos and Damien Gerard
Efficient Restrictions of Trade in the EU Law of the Internal Market. Trust, Distrust and the Nature of Economic Integration

Ioannis Lianos
"Lost in Translation"? Towards a Theory of Economic Transplants

Ioannis Lianos
"Judging" Economists. Economic Expertise in Competition Law Litigation. A European View

Ioannis Lianos
 1/2008 A Regulatory Theory of IP. Implications for Competition Law

Ioannis Lianos

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