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11 November
General Purpose Technologies and Competition Law

29 November
The Digital Economy: Economics, Antitrust and Regulation

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Thomas Ricard

Thomas Ricard
Sciences-Po Paris (2004)
EHESS (2005)
LL.M UCL (2006)
PhD Candidate


Thomas' research examines the concept of neutrality in Competition law. He focuses particularly on article 81 and categorical analysis, on the tests used by European courts, and on procedural aspects as well, such as the Commission's structure. His research aims to articulate the 'neutral' as a legal concept and draws from legal theory. His research is conducted under the supervision of Dr. Ioannis Lianos and Professor Stephen Guest.

Thomas studied Law in France (Paris II) and in Ireland (UCD). He also graduated from Sciences-Po Paris in 2004, from the EHESS (Musicology) in 2005, and obtained his LLM from University College London in 2006. Thomas published an essay on folk music in 2005 and a novel in 2007. He was awarded the Joseph Hume award in March 2009 and is currently finishing is training in a City law firm.

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