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The CLES is currently planning the following events:

  • Themes in Competition Law Enforcement
    6 & 7 June 2014
  • Innovation, Competition and IP Rights
    11 & 12 June 2014
  • Consensual Competition Law in High Tech Markets
    16 June 2014

For more information, please go to the events pages.


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For general enquiries, please contact:

Tatjana Wingender
+44 (0)20 7679 1430
t.wingender [at] ucl.ac.uk

For research project enquiries, please contact:

Dr Ioannis Lianos
+44 (0)20 7679 1028
i.lianos [at] ucl.ac.uk .


For more working papers, please visit the CLES Research Paper Series section on this website.

Paolo Siciliani, Senior Fellow

F Paolo Siciliani

Paolo is working on how competition law and consumer protection are intertwined with respect to the so-called "confusopoly", where a group of companies with similar products intentionally confuse customers instead of competing on price. He is supervised by Ioannis Lianos.

Paolo is Chief Economist at the BBC Trust, after spending 3 years at the Office of Fair Trading (the UK competition authority) as an economic adviser. Beforehand, he worked at Vodafone Group as a regulatory economist and in economic consultancies. He holds a post-graduate diploma in EU Competition Law from King's College. He has published on World Competition, Journal of Competition Law & Economics, the Antitrust Bulletin and Telecommunications Policy.

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