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29 November
The Digital Economy: Economics, Antitrust and Regulation

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Azza Raslan

LLM, Boalt Hall, University of California at Berkeley (2007); MA, Public Law & Intellectual Property Rights, School of Law, Cairo University (2007); BA, English Section, School of Law, Cairo University (2004); Research and teaching assistant (2006/2010).


F Azza Raslan

Azza graduated with honors from Cairo University, School of Law (2004). She holds a LLM degree from Boalt Hall, University of California at Berkeley (2006-2007) and a Magister degree from the School of Law, Cairo University (2004-2007). Azza joined the Centre for Law, Economics and Society at the Faculty of Laws as an MPhil/PhD candidate in September 2010. She is working under the supervision of Dr. Lianos, as a primary supervisor and Prof. Fredric Jenny, Chairman of the Competition Commission at the OECD and visiting professor at UCL, and Prof. Abel Mateus, Professor of Economics at New University of Lisbon and visiting professor at UCL, as secondary supervisors.

Azza’s research focuses on the role various international organizations (IOs) played, and continue to play, in the adoption of competition law and policy in developing countries. She notes that the majority of scholars addressing this issue highlight the undisputed fact that developing countries have special attributes that should be taken into consideration in the design, adoption and implementation process. However, the existing literature on competition policy is mostly based on the economics of developed countries, mainly the US and the EU model. Through the lens of international relations theories, Azza addresses this dominance and any spillover effect it has in the international arena. As well as its echo in the work and advice of IOs.

Azza’s research aims to scratch beneath the surface and delve into the subject by providing an empirical study of the impact the IO’s recommendations has on the design and enforcement of competition law in selected developing countries as case studies. Additionally, how these laws interplayed with the special characteristics of these countries taking into consideration various independent factors that might affect their performance such as different levels of economic development, market structure, and prevailing political and legal traditions (civil law, common law, shari’a law).

During her first year at UCL, Azza has worked as a research assistant for Prof. Valentine Korah, Emeritus Professor of Competition Law (Spring-Summer term 2011). Additionally, she has worked as a teaching assistant at the Faculty (Autumn 2010). She currently works at the Competition /Antitrust group at Linklaters LLP, as a legal intern since April 2011. Azza is also an editor for the World Competition Review, a Wolters Kluwer publication.

Before joining UCL, Azza assumed various roles in both the public and private legal sector. She has worked as part of the legal team at the Egyptian Competition Authority (2006). Also, she has worked as an Administrative Prosecutor at the Egyptian Administrative Prosecutor’s Office (2007). She is currently on sabbatical leave from Baker & McKenzie-Cairo Office where she works as an associate (2008-present).

Research interest
Competition/antitrust, trade regulations, corporate law, intellectual property, international law, development economics, and administrative law.
Publications &research
  • Competition and Development: New Theories Meet the Old Masters. The Global Competition Law and Economics Series, Stanford University Press (Forthcoming) Co-author.
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and Competition Policy in Egypt (in Arabic- IPRs Diploma)

  • Egyptian Competition Law: Evaluation of the Status Quo (LLM thesis)

  • Competition and Shari’a Law: Connecting the Dots

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