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The CLES is currently planning the following events:

More Than Money: The Economics of Payments and Its Regulation
Speaker: Professor David Evans, University College London
11 March 2015

The Microsoft Antitrust Cases: Retrospective and prospective
Speakers: Andrew I. Gavil, Professor, Howard University School of Law and former Director, Office of Policy Planning at Federal Trade Commission and
Harry First, Charles L. Denison Professor of Law. Co-Director, Competition, Innovation, and Information Law Program. New York University School of Law
4 February 2015

The Challenging Nature of Cartel Criminalisation: A Case Study of the UK
Speaker: Dr Peter Whelan, University of Leeds
3 February 2015

For more information, please go to the events pages.


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Dr Ioannis Lianos
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For more working papers, please visit the CLES Research Paper Series section on this website.

George Barker

George Barker

Dr George Barker has a Doctorate in Economics from Oxford University, and holds both a law degree and Master of Economics. He was awarded the Olin Fellowship in Law and Economics at Cornell University in 2000. He is on the Editorial Board of the European Journal of Law and Economics and is the editor of Asia Pacific Law and Economics Review (Berkeley Electronic Press). He is current President of the Australian Law and Economics Association, the past CEO, and former Board member of LECG Asia Pacific Ltd. George Barker is the director of the Centre for Law and Economics at the Australian National University (ANU). George will be working for the CLES project on impact assessment and on the class actions/litigation funding project.

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