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9 June 2015
Meet the author: The Opening of American Law – Neoclassical Legal Thought, 1870-1970

10-11 June 2015
Innovation, Competition Law and IP Rights

12 June 2015
Competition Law in China

18 June 2015
Getting Merger Control Clearances for Corporate Deals: EU and Multi-Jurisdictional Merger Control in Practice

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Professor Howard Shelanski on The Role of Cost-Benefit Analysis in the U.S. Regulatory System

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In his presentation at the UCL Centre for Law, Economics & Society on 13 May, Professor Howard Shelanski (Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, The White House) examined how regulatory impact analyses (RIAs), and cost-benefit analysis in particular, factor into the development and review of federal regulations in the United States.He discussed the circumstances under which agencies must prepare RIAs and how the White House’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) uses RIAs in its assessment of significant federal rules. The presentation then discussed the quantification of costs and benefits, and both the limits and appropriate uses of such quantification in regulatory policy. It concluded by discussing several challenges confronting the assessment of regulatory impacts and suggest avenues for future policy development.

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