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Multi-Sided Platforms: Business, Economics & Competition Policy
28 October 2015
A five-hour CPD course

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UCL Centre for Law, Economics & Society

28 October 2015
13:30 - 19:00
A five-hour CPD course

Multi-Sided Platforms: Business, Economics & Competition Policy

UCL Roberts Building

Professor David Evans (UCL / University of Chicago)

Course Pre-requisites:
There are no pre-requisites for attending this course.

About the course:

Multi-sided platforms are businesses that act as intermediaries between several interdependent groups of customers. They are central many to industries including payment systems, financial exchanges, advertising-supported media, much of online, and various kinds of marketplaces including shopping malls. Some of the largest IPOs in recent years have involved multi-sided platforms such as Facebook and Alibaba and many of largest startups such as Uber are multi-sided platforms. These businesses are also often at the center of debates concerning competition policy and sectoral regulation including, especially, the current on-line sectoral inquiry in Europe.

This course will cover the unique business models followed by multi-sided businesses; the economics of multi-sided platforms and the industries they anchor; the application of competition policy to multi-sided platforms; a survey of key competition policy and regulatory matters involving these platforms; and tools and techniques for competition policy analysis.

The course will include presentations from several executives of platform startups.

The course will consist of three segments:

  1. The Business and Economics of Multi-sided Platforms.
  2. Market Definition, Market Power, and Merger Analysis for Multi-sided Platforms
  3. Abuse of Dominance and Coordinated Practices for Multi-sided Platforms

The course will draw extensively on examples of multi-sided platform cases involving online businesses and payments.

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