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‘Megamergers Face Delays From Heightened EU Scrutiny,’ Professor Ioannis Lianos in The Wall Street Journal

Professor Ioannis Lianos is cited in an article on the agrichem mega-mergers and EU competition law.
Read the full article on The Wall Street Journal.

Published: Oct 28, 2016 11:47:33 AM

Digital Currencies Conference 27 July 16 Athens

Conference: Digital Currencies, Digital Finance and the Constitution of a New Financial Order: Challenges for the Legal System

The exploratory conference “Digital Currencies, Digital Finance and the Constitution of a New Financial Order: Challenges for the Legal System” was successfully held in Athens on July 27, 2016. The event was co-organized by the CLES@UCL, Humboldt University, the EPLO and IMEDIPA and was supported by the Fritz Thyssen Endowment.

The conference attracted more than 100 international and local participants and attendants. Its purpose and significance was further recognized by HE the President of the Hellenic Republic, Prokopis Pavlopoulos, in the form of a reception after the final conference panel, which was held at the Presidential Mansion in Athens. Professor Ioannis Lianos (Chair of Global Competition Law and Public Policy at University College London, UCL and Director of the CLES) had the opportunity to present the results of the conference to HE the President of the Hellenic Republic.

Download a detailed summary of the conference proceedings.

Visit the website for CLES' research initiative on Digital Currencies, Digital Finance and the Constitution of a New Financial Order.

Published: Aug 12, 2016 11:39:37 AM

Equity and Efficiency Conference Brussels

CLES Holds Competition Policy Event in Brussels

The Centre for Law, Economics and Society at UCL and the Global Competition Law Centre at the College of Europe co-organised an important event on the topic of Competition Policy at the Intersection of Equity and Efficiency.

The tension between “equity” and “efficiency”, and a possible trade-off between these objectives, has been one of the major questions bedevilling economics and, more generally, political philosophy in liberal democracies, but also beyond. In particular, the equity versus efficiency trade-off debate has played a defining role in the transformation of the dominant paradigm governing competition law enforcement at least since the late 1970s due to the growing influence of economics and economists in competition law and policy discourse, and the internationalisation of antitrust. The debate remains crucial today as issues of inequality and its interaction with efficiency become of central concern to policy and decision-makers in competition law, as well as in other spheres of public policy. Yet, despite their central role in the grammar of competition law on the global plane, few scholars have explored the intellectual underpinnings of the interactions between “equity” and “efficiency” in the context of competition/antitrust law.

The conference honoured the work of Professor Eleanor Fox, from NYU law school, a pioneer in the field, and the author of a body of work directly engaging with the conceptualization of the relationship between “efficiency” and “equity” in competition law, drawing lessons for U.S antitrust law, EU competition law and the competition law systems of emergent and developing countries. As the former European commissionaire for Competition Policy and former Italian Prime Minister, Professor Mario Monti, and Judge Diane Wood, from the U.S. Court of Appeals, highlighted in their key-note speeches, Professor Fox has been “antitrust’s invaluable outsider”, always challenging cleverly the mainstream in the United States and being an “ambassador” for European competition law, but also emerging and developing countries’ competition law at the global scale.

The conference united a great number of Professor Fox's friends and colleagues, including the two co-organisers of the event, Professor Ioannis Lianos and Dr Damien Gerard, who were her research assistants during their student time in New York, but also no less than two former prime-ministers, a former European Commissionaire in the area of competition law, judges from the Court of Justice and the General Court of the EU, the chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, the President of the South African Competition Tribunal, the former head of the WTO Appellate Body, the chief economist of the European Commission, many heads of units at the DG Competition, European Commission and a selection of the most prominent academics in competition law & policy globally.

Published: Jun 22, 2016 11:55:03 AM

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