Department of Greek & Latin

Affiliate Rules

Course Choices

As with all UCL students, international and affiliate students are required to complete 4 course units during the year (or 2 if they are here for one term only).  1 unit  is the equivalent of 4 credits in the US system.  Our courses in the Department of Greek and Latin are either 0.5 units or 1 unit each.  Details of course units may be found in our course catalogue.

International students hosted by the Department of Greek and Latin are required to take AT LEAST HALF of their course units from within our department.  This means AT LEAST 2 units if you are here for the whole academic year, and AT LEAST 1 unit if you are here for one term only. You may also take courses from other departments subject to the permission of your home institution.


All students are required to read the Department's guidelines on plagiarism, which are available in the Departmental Handbook.  Two copies of your coursework essays are submitted in hard copy to the Department by 5pm of the deadline date and coursework is also submitted in soft copy via Turnitin. Further details about coursework submission can be found in the Student Handbook.


Most of our courses are examined by a combination of coursework and written exam.  Some are examined by coursework only, and some by exam only.  Exams take place in May.  Affiliate students must take the exams and coursework as set out in the course catalogue except in the case of students who leave in December, who will be assessed wholly by coursework as they will be unable to take the May exams.