Department of Greek & Latin

Induction Week 2013

23 - 27 September

Welcome to the Department of Greek and Latin!

Your welcome pack from the Department will include:

•   Undergraduate Induction Programme 2013-14
•   A welcome letter from the Classics Society
•   Course Choice Catalogue 2013-14
•   Reading list for incoming students

Course Choices

Have a look at the course options available for this year. You will be expected to take the following according to your degree:

Ancient World
unit value
Classics unit value
CLAS1204 Approaches to the Ancient World
 0.5 CLAS1205 Interpreting Greek Literature
1 course from Archaeology
CLAS1206 Interpreting Latin Literature
1 course from History
1 unit of GREEK
1 unit of LATIN/GREEK
1 unit of LATIN
Up to 1.5 units of other courses (can include up to 1 unit outside Ancient World)
  Up to 1 unit of other courses (can include up to 1 unit outside of Classics)

Ancient World/Classics WITH STUDY ABROAD

Students should take 0.5/1 unit of the language of your intended year abroad destination from the UCL Language Centre. You can discuss this with the Study Abroad Tutor (who will also be your Personal Tutor) during Induction Week.

Courses within the Ancient World need not be based in the Department of Greek and Latin and may relate to any aspect of Greco-Roman antiquity, the Ancient Near East, ancient Egypt, the ancient languages of this area and other Indo-European languages.

History Courses

Full list (and course descriptions)

LEVEL 1 COURSES (for 1st years)

  • HIST1008A Concepts, categories and the practice of History: Ancient and Medieval (0.5 unit, running in 1st half of term 2): H. van Wees and A. Sennis
  • HIST6101 The Near East to 1200 BC: The Earliest States: E. Robson (1 unit)
  • HIST6107 The Roman Republic, c.350 BC - 44 BC: V. Arena (1 unit)
  • HIST6108 The Greek World, c. 800-386 BC: H. van Wees (1 unit)

Archaeology Courses

Full list (and course descriptions)

LEVEL 1 COURSES (for 1st years)

  • ARCL1004 Introduction to Greek Archaeology: Dr Sophy Downes (0.5 unit)
  • ARCL1002 Introduction to Roman Archaeology: Dr Andrew Gardner (0.5 unit)
  • ARCL1009 Introduction to Egyptian and Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology: Dr Mark Altaweel (0.5 unit)

Other Useful Information

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