Department of Greek & Latin

Welcome to the Classics Society

Guido Reni Bacchus c. 1623

The UCL Classics Society is a student society run by annually elected students. It is open to people from all degrees and it aims to bring people together who have a common passion for the classical world. We are a fairly small department-affiliated Society. We arrange various social and academic events throughout the year, such as classical pub quizzes, nights out and debates. We also hold annual meetings with the KCL Classics Society.


The Committee

  • President: Marike Littlefair
  • Treasurer: Louis Dankwerts
  • Social Secretary: Molly Massey
  • Vice President: Rosie Brown

How do I join?

You can contact us on
•    email:
•    Twitter: @UCLclasSoc
•    Facebook: UCL Classoc 2012-13