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The Department of Greek and Latin welcomes new students

We look forward to welcoming new students on Monday 22 September 2014. Please see our BA Induction Programme, our MA Induction Programme, and our PhD Induction Programme

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UCL Classics #3 in the UK

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Walter Cockle


Honorary Research Fellow


Research interests: Greek and Latin papyri and ostraca from Roman Egypt

Some Recent Publications:

  • 'P. Oxy. 4321.' The Oxyrhynchus Papyri 62 (1995).
  • (with H.M. Cotton and F.G.B. Millar) 'The papyrology of the Roman Near East: a Survey.' Journal of Roman Studies 85 (1995) 214-235.
  • 'An inscribed architectural fragment from Middle Egypt concerning the Imperial Quarries.' In D.M. Bailey (ed.), Archaeological Research in Roman Egypt (Journal of Roman Archaeology, Suppl. series 19, 1996), 23-28.
  • 'Two bronze lamps with Greek inscriptions.' In A Catalogue of Lamps in the British Museum IV - Lamps of Metal and Stone, and Lampstands, ed. D.M. Bailey, 1996, 1-4.
  • Nineteen articles for S.Hornblower and A.Spawforth (eds.), The Oxford Classical Dictionary, 3rd edn., 1996.
  • 'O.Claud. 409-416. School exercises, verse and prose.' In J.Bingen, A. Bulow-Jacobsen, W.E.H. Cockle et al., Mons Claudianus: Ostraca Graeca et Latina II (O.Claud. 191-416), 1997, 249-276.
  • Review of H.Cuvigny, A.Hussein, G.Wagner, Les Ostraca grecs d'Ain Waqfa, Oasis de Kharga. Classical Review 47 (1997) 439-40.
  • 'P.Oxy. 4445-4449'. The Oxyrhynchus Papyri 65 (1998).

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