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Ruey-Lin Chang

Ruey-Lin Chang

Research Fellow (Oxyrhynchus project)


Research interests: Greek papyrology and Egypt; Greek palaeography and ancient books; law and Greek education

In 2010, I finished my PhD in Sciences de l’Antiquité (Classics) at the Université de Strasbourg and my Doktorat (Promotion) in Altertumswissenschaften-Papyrology at the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg. In the same year I joined the Department of Greek and Latin to work on the Oxyrhynchus Papyri Project as part of an AHRC funded project. I enjoy being in touch with various sorts of unedited ancient texts of direct transmission. I enjoy Egypt as well, where I go regularly for scientific missions with bodies such as IFAO.


  • 'Un certificat d'enregistrement de blé annonaire : P. Berol. 16056 (BGU XVII 2679) + P. Strasb. inv. gr. 468', CE 79 (2004), 209-14.
  • Contributor to H. Maehler (hrsg.), Ägyptische Urkunden aus den Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin, Griechische Urkunden, XIX. Band (BGU XIX): Urkunden aus Hermupolis (München; Leipzig, 2005).
  • 'Reconstitution de papyrus grecs fragmentaires : trois rouleaux fiscaux d'époque romaine conservés à Strasbourg', HERSTEC 4, 2 (2010), 107-119 [translated into Japanese].
  • Un dossier fiscal hermopolitain d'époque romaine (P. Stras. inv. gr. 897-898, 903-905, 939-968, 982-1000, 1010-1013,1918-1929) : édition et commentaire, (IFAO, Cairo) [forthcoming].

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