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Part-time Teaching Fellows (Latin) 2015-16

Application deadline 28 July 2015

Published: Jun 23, 2015 2:43:46 PM



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Peter Agocs
Greek lyric song, especially Pindar and Bacchylides; genre in ancient literature; narrative in Greek lyric; collective memory.

Rosa Andújar
Greek literature, especially tragedy, Lucian, and the ancient novel; reception of Greek drama.

Jenny Bryan
Ancient philosophy, especially Plato and the Presocratics.

Stephen Colvin
Greek language, dialect and literature; Mycenaean Greek; historical linguistics and sociolinguistics

Nikolaos Gonis

Documentary and literary papyrology; Egypt from Augustus to the Abbasids; later Greek poetry; early Christian literature

Rosie Harman
Greek historiography and ethnography; identity; the politics of representation.

Dimitra Kokkini

Greek literature; Greek drama, gender studies, masculinities, cultural history

Miriam Leonard
Greek literature and philosophy; reception; history of modern European thought; critical theory

Fiachra Mac Góráin
Augustan poetry, especially Virgil; Virgilian exegesis; Dionysus in Latin poetry; intertextuality; the reception of Virgil in Ireland.

Antony Makrinos
Homer; scholarship in Byzantium (esp. reception of the Homeric text with emphasis on allegorical interpretation); modern receptions.

Gesine Manuwald [Head of Department]
Roman drama; Roman epic; Cicero’s speeches; reception studies, esp. Neo-Latin

Mairéad McAuley
Early imperial Roman literature, especially Neronian and Flavian, tragedy and epic; gender and genre in Latin poetry.

Phiroze Vasunia
Greek literature and culture; imperialism and colonialism; the Classical tradition; conceptions of Greek prose; cross-cultural interaction in antiquity.

Maria Wyke
Latin literature, especially Roman love poetry; ancient gender and sexuality;
reception studies, especially Julius Caesar, Rome on film, classics and popular culture.

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Chris Carey
Greek literature, especially archaic Greek poetry, oratory, drama 

Marigold Norbye
Medieval manuscripts; medieval chronicles; the history of history writing; medieval libraries; the transmission of ancient history

Nick Zair
Indo-European linguistics; in particular the Italic and Celtic language families.

Professors emeriti and Senior Research Fellows (honorary)

Alan Griffiths
Greek poetry and mythology; Herodotos

Herwig Maehler
Literary and documentary papyri; Ptolemaic Egypt; Homer; Greek lyric

Gerard O'Daly
Late Latin literature; ancient and early Christian philosophy

Honorary Research Fellows

Anastasia Bakogianni 

Emmanuela Bakola

Giulia Biffis

Walter Cockle
Greek and Latin papyri and ostraca from Roman Egypt 

Brenda Griffith-Williams

Steven J. Green

Theodora Hadjimichael

Maria Kanellou

Dimitra Kokkini

Kleanthis Mantzouranis

Margaret Mountford
Greek and Latin papyri and ostraca from Roman Egypt 

Styliani Papastamati

Victoria Rimell
Augustan and Imperial Latin literature

Andreas Serafim

Akrivi Taousiani

Chiara Thumiger
Greek tragedy; the concepts of mind and the views of madness in ancient literatures

Naoko Yamagata

Vasiliki Zali
Greek literature; Thucydides

Mary Moloney
Departmental Manager

Ana Higginson
Administrative Officer

David Alabaster
Administrative Assistant

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