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Lunchtime Seminars


1pm, Tuesday 18 October - Ardis Butterfield, ‘Women on the Streets in Medieval London,’ Foster Court 135

1pm, Tuesday 1 November - Carole Enahoro, ‘Nigerian Motorbike Taxi Drivers and Satiric Attack,’ FC243

1pm, Tuesday 15 November - Richard Dennis, ‘Flats in Four Stories,’ FC243

1pm, Tuesday 29 November - Florian Mussgnug, ‘The City Without Us,’ FC243


Summer 2011

1pm, Thursday 9th June, 2011, Foster Court 243

Nicolette Jones, 'Plumb Lines and Plimsoll Lines: Time-Travelling through London'

1pm, Tuesday 24th May, 2011, Foster Court 243

Alan Riding, 'Dark Years or Golden Age? French Culture under the Nazis, 1940-44'

Spring 2011

1pm, Tuesday 18th January, 2011, Foster Court 243

Roland-Francois Lack, 'The Uncinematic City: Geneva and the Swiss New Wave'

1pm, Tuesday 25th January, 2011, Foster Court 243

Ian Thomson, 'Rise and Fall of a Patient in Rome'

1pm, Tuesday 22nd February, 2011, Foster Court 243

Matt Taunton, 'Class, Culture, and the Council Estate in London'

1pm, Tuesday, 1st March, 2011, Foster Court 243

Akane Kawakami, 'RER or Metro? Annie Ernaux's "Snapshots" of Suburban Paris'

Autumn 2010

1pm, Tuesday, 14th December, 2010, Foster Court 243

Ian Thomson, 'Pier Paolo Pasolini: Poet of the Cinema who championed the Poor of Rome'

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