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Insect City

This research workshop, organised by Ben Campkin and Matthew Beaumont, explored the relationships between insects and cities, It was funded by the Urban Laboratory and the UCL Environment Institute. Further details, and a report on the event by Matthew Ingleby, can be found here.

Insects are barometers of the wider political, economic, social and technological factors that shape urban environments. In this one-day workshop a multi-disciplinary group of researchers will examine relationships between insects, cities, and citizens. Speakers from a range of arts, humanities, entomological and medical disciplines will present illustrative examples that elicit how a range of insects - e.g. ants, beetles, bedbugs, cockroaches, dustmites, mosquitoes, termites - interact with the built environment and urban populations, and have agency in the production of the city and urban experience. 

Confirmed speakers:

Matthew Beaumont, UCL English Department.

Joanne Bristol, London Animal Estates HQ at Arup.

Bill Bynum, freelance public health historian.

Ben Campkin, UCL Urban Laboratory.

Mark Carnall, UCL Grant Museum of Zoology.

Nicky Coutts, London College of Communication.

Matthew Gandy, UCL Geography and Hackney Moth Recorder.

Jamie Lorimer and Rob Francis King’s College Geography.

Scott Meadows, States of Jersey Department of Environment.

Eleanor Morgan artist, UCL Slade.

Tadj Oreszczyn, UCL Energy Institute.

Mike Raco, UCL Bartlett School of Planning.

***With a reading by China Miéville, Weird Fiction novelist***

Venues: UCL Grant Museum of Zoology (morning session) and London Animal Estates HQ at Arup Phase 2 Gallery (afternoon session)

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