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About the Centre

The City Centre, based in the Department of English Language and Literature at UCL, is an attempt to co-ordinate a range of different research projects on aspects of the cultural and literary history of the metropolis from the Middle Ages to the present. The City Centre stages conferences, debates, seminars and symposiums in which artists, film-makers, scholars, scientists, students and writers can discuss the representation of the city. 

It was launched on Wednesday 9th June 2010, when Professor Michael Sheringham, Marshall Foch Professor of French Literature at Oxford University, and Fellow of All Souls College, delivered an inaugural lecture at 5pm in Foster Court 101.

For the City Centre's ongoing series of lunchtime seminars please click on the link.

Note that, if you have a proposal for a book, of one kind or another, on cities, of one kind or another, you should contact Matthew Beaumont, the series editor, with Lawrence Phillips, of Continuum Studies in the City.

The City Centre is related to the Bloomsbury Project, a Leverhume research project run from the English Department by Rosemary Ashton


Inaugurated in 2009, Cities Methodologies is a pan-UCL initiative to showcase innovative methods of urban research. Through exhibits and events, it draws together undergraduate, masters, and doctoral research, alongside work produced by academics, and the wider community of urban researchers. Proposals are invited from UCL staff, students and alumni, and other researchers who are developing and using innovative methods to understand cities and urbanization.

Cities Methodologies aims to promote cross- and inter-disciplinary work, and to showcase recent research on a wide range of cities. Visitors to Cities Methodologies encounter diverse methods of urban research in juxtaposition‚ from archival studies to statistical analyses, practice-led art and design work to oral history, writing, walking, film-making and photography.

Proposals for exhibits and events that engage with the city are invited from any discipline

This year we are particularly‚ though not exclusively‚ interested in receiving proposals related to the themes of:

  • Collaborative/public methods for urban research
  • Mega events and urban change
  • Housing and dishousing

Further details and the proposal form are available via the UCL Urban Laboratory website here

To submit a proposal please complete the form and follow the submission instructions, returning it by 5pm 1st May 2012 to: Laura Hirst 

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