UCL Centre for Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Research


Key Strands of our Research

  • Development and evaluation of psychological therapies for behaviour problems, mental health issues or difficulties at a family/wider system level
  • Evaluation of health service provision for individuals with intellectual disabilities
  • Ageing: health issues associated with ageing in persons with intellectual disabilities
  • Stigma: Promotion of well-being and evidence based approaches to reducing the stigma associated with intellectual disability in the context of a multicultural society

The following are some of the current key research projects undertaken by CIDR. Details of all student projects can be found on the CIDR team page.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) for anxiety and depression in adults with mild intellectual disabilities (ID)

This is a two and half year research project that focuses on developing a manualised CBT treatment that can be used by trained CBT therapists to treat common mental disorders (depression and/or anxiety) in people with mild intellectual disabilities.

Lead: Dr Angela Hassiotis.

Stigma associated with intellectual disability

We are currently studying two different aspects related to stigma:

1.  Lay responses to people with intellectual disability: causal beliefs, treatment beliefs and stigma in the context of multi-ethnic societies

Lay people often find the concept of intellectual disability and different terminologies used confusing. Where lay people show negative emotional responses, hold stigmatising beliefs and attitudes this can have a very negative effect on the lives of persons with intellectual disabilities and their families and carers. A large scale study is under way to understand more about lay responses in different cultural and religious communities. We are also currently piloting a range of interventions aimed at reducing negative attitudes and stigmatising beliefs among the public.

Lead: Katrina Scior.

2.  The impact of perceived stigma on quality of life, psychological distress, treatment adherence and service use in people with intellectual disabilities

Lead: Afia Ali, MRC Research Fellow & Dr Angela Hassiotis

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