UCL Centre for Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Research


André Strydom

Reader in Intellectual Disabilities

I am a reader in the Division of Psychiatry at UCL and my research involves the epidemiology, aetiology and clinical aspects of mental disorders in adults with neurodevelopmental disorders (including intellectual disabilities, autism, Asperger syndrome and ADHD). I have a specific interest in conditions associated with ageing in these populations, such as the association between Alzheimer disease and Down Syndrome.

Current projects and collaborations include the LonDownS Consortium, funded by the Wellcome Trust, to study the neurobiology of Alzheimer Disease in Down syndrome, the ADSID registry of dementia in older adults with Intellectual Disabilities and Down Syndrome, and a study exploring copy number variations associated with mental disorders in adults with non-syndromic intellectual disabilities (funded by the Baily Thomas Fund). I am an investigator on industry sponsored trials of new drug treatment options in Down syndrome and fragile X syndrome.

I am also involved in developing and trialling complex interventions in adults with ID such as CBT for anxiety and depression, positive behaviour support for problem behaviours, and health checks for people with intellectual disabilities in primary care.

In addition, I teach undergraduate medical students, psychiatry and psychology trainees and I am involved in the mentoring of young researchers in the Division of Psychiatry.

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