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LOOMS OF LIFE – weaving, medicine and knowledge production in early China

An international conference on the amazing 2nd-century BCE Laoguanshan 老官山 tomb finds, jointly convened by CCHH (UCL China Centre for Health and Humanity) and ICCHA (International Centre for Chinese Heritage and Archaeology). Time: 30 March 2017, 10–17.30. Place: IAS Common Ground, South Wing, Wilkins Building More...

Institute of Digital Health seminar

Humanoid robots as (indirect) tools for digital health in autism
Time: 20 February, 2:30–3:30pm
Place: Room G01, 66-72 Gower Street
Speaker: Alyssa Alcorn (CRAE) More...

Abortion in China

Thursday 9th Feb, 6–7pm, Room 802, Institute of EducationHealth Humanities Seminar. Speaker: Cong Yali 丛亚丽 (PKU), introduced by Vivienne Lo. More...

Dumplings 饺子 (2004)

Our New Year bonus film, by Hong Kong iconoclast director Fruit Chan 陈果, is 'a sinister story of diet, deception and death'.
Time: Wednesday 8 February, 7pm
Place: IAS Common GroundSouth Wing, Wilkins Building More...

Chinese film evening, 7/02/2017: In Love We Trust 左右 (2008)

Family drama In love we trust (aka Left Right), directed and scripted by Sixth Generation film maker Wang Xiaoshuai 王小帅, hinges on the conception of a 'saviour sibling' for a child diagnosed with leukaemia. The screening will be followed by a conversation between bioethicist Prof. Cong Yali 丛亚丽 (PKU) and philosopher and ethicist James Wilson (UCL) on the issues raised by the film. More...

The Doctor-Patient Relationship in Contemporary China

Tuesday 7 February, 2–4pm, IAS Room 19, South Wing, Wilkins Building. Speaker: Cong Yali 丛亚丽, Professor of Medical Ethics and Deputy Director of the Institute of Medical Humanities, PKU.


China Exchange 中国站 has a great programme of events to welcome in the Year of the Chicken. Highlights include a provocative 'short form debate evening' featuring CCHH's Vivienne Lo (Wed 1 Feb, 6.30pm) plus a documentary film-making challenge in partnership with London Documentary Network', plus a Silk and Bamboo 丝竹报春 concert with pipa virtuoso Chen Yu and flautist Liu Menglin... More...

Chinese film evening, 31/01/2017: For Fun 找乐 (1993)

The first film in 6th generation director Ning Ying's wryly humorous Beijing Trilogy, For Fun (Zhao le 找乐) tells the story of a group of retired Beijingers who set up a Peking Opera Group.  More...

Takaki Nishiyama

The International Leviathan: The British Imperial Institution and the East Asian Ab-intra States System, 1842-1943

Biography: After the completion of my master degree at Kyoto University (Japan), I moved to UCL. I published the article, ‘An External Foundation of the Imperial Legal Institution: The construction of the British Commercial System in China, 1842-60’ in Shirin (the Journal of History) [Takaki Nishiyama, ‘An External Foundation of the Imperial Legal Institution: The construction of the British Commercial System in China, 1842-60, Shirin (the Journal of History), vol. 95 no. 2 (2012), pp. 70-107.].

Thesis Abstract: My PhD research, ‘The International Leviathan: The British Imperial Institution and the East Asian Ab-intra States System, 1842-1943’ is in the history of international law and international relations in East Asia from the mid nineteenth to mid twentieth century. The primary purpose of my research is to explore the function of international law and relevant legal instruments in the relationship between different world orders of East Asian and Euro-American countries. My research will show not only comparison or contrast between ‘civilisations’, but also their political, social and economic interaction through international law.

My research is interdisciplinary and relevant to British imperial history, East Asian international history and the history of international law. While the history of international law has previously been subordinated to the interests of international jurisprudence, this project will locate the development of international law in the historical context.

Particularly, my focus is on legal instruments in relation to the diplomatic and commercial transactions between the British Empire and East Asian countries. I will mainly use treatises on international law and official documents of the British, Chinese, Japanese, Korean governments.

Through this research, I intend to demonstrate a comprehensive view on the history of East Asian international law and relations. In turn, this project will indicate British imperial power in East Asia was based on international law and regulations, that is, the ‘formal’ foundation of ‘informal empire’.

Primary Supervisor: Vivienne Lo

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