Module Profile: Shared Care & Electronic Health Records

Medical records
  • How can we best capture the richness and diversity of health information in a new generation of electronic health record systems?
  • How can we ensure that person centric shared care across multiple sites is safely supported by relevant information?
  • Why is it still proving so hard to deliver a national electronic health record in any country?

In this module we examine the latest internationally recognised approaches to the management of clinical information, focusing on the expanding roles for the health record and the development of electronic health record architectures to meet these. The module deals with practical issues such as standardisation, security, barriers to adoption and the professional challenges in developing clinical data standards for shared electronic healthcare records.

Module tutor

Dr Dionisio Acosta, UCL CHIME


Blended learning - web-based distance learning in the UCL Virtual Learning Environment plus 3-day face to face teaching session.




Teaching Block 2 - see Module Calendar for details.


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