Module Profile: Principles of Health Informatics

From Patient Data to Medical Knowledge, by Dr Paul Taylor

This module introduces the field of healthcare informatics. It aims to equip students with the basic conceptual vocabulary and intellectual skills required to respond to problems in health informatics. It explores how the delivery of healthcare is changing in response to the potential of new technology.

The focus is on the principles governing the rational management of health information and health knowledge. The module considers these principles and discusses them in the context of the most interesting and important questions affecting healthcare today.

Students consider the challenges involved in recording, analyzing and interpreting patient data in order to create new knowledge and provide improved access to knowledge to support improved patient care.

Module tutor

Dr Paul Taylor, UCL CHIME


Blended learning - web-based distance learning in the UCL Virtual Learning Environment plus 3-day face to face teaching session.




Teaching Block 1 - see Module Calendar for details.


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