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Paediatric PROM&PREM Network

Patient-reported outcome and experience measures (PROMs and PREMs) allow patients to assess their own health and the healthcare they receive. 

For this reason, developing and applying patient-reported outcome and experience measures as a means of increasing patient-led assessment of their health and healthcare are a priority for the NHS (Darzi report and white paper).

This network has been established to facilitate research in this area. 

PROMs are concerned with the outcomes of a health condition or disability.

PROMs are self-report questionnaires designed to measure the impact of an illness or health condition (e.g. quality of life, symptom severity, functional status, health status) from the patient’s perspective. By comparing questionnaire scores over time, PROMs can be helpful in monitoring the progress of a health condition or whether a treatment has been effective. 

PREMs are concerned with the process of healthcare. 

PREMs capture the patient’s view of what happened during their healthcare (e.g. waiting time at the hospital, duration of appointment) and can be used to evaluate quality of healthcare and monitor improvement in services. 

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