Current PhD vacancies are listed below. See the postgraduate pages for more information on our PhD programmes.

Advanced synthesis and characterisation of a novel class of lubricants (30 June 2018)
Wellcome Trust 4-year PhD Interdisciplinary Programme in Structural, Computational and Chemical Biology
PhD position  in Bioinspired Phototactic nanorobots (application deadline: 30 June 2018)
A 3.5-year PhD studentship in recombination processes in organic photovoltaic materials (application deadline: 30 June 2018)
A 3.5-year PhD studentship in development of flexible sensor material for wound management and detection of infectious agents in skin using bio-optical methods (application deadline: 30 June 2018)
A 4-year EngD studentship in Surfaces for Green Hydrogen Production (application deadline: 30 June 2018)
A 3.5-year PhD studentship in Artificial Enzymes based on Metal-Containing Molecular Containers (application deadline: 30 June 2018)
The design and synthesis of bioconjugated organic semiconductors for photoacoustic imaging applications (application deadline: 15 June 2018)
A 4-year EngD position in Cancer Immunotherapy (application deadline: 30 June 2018)
Combinatorial Personalised Nanomedicine (application deadline: 30 June 2018)
Probing novel doping mechanisms for high mobility transparent conducting oxides (application deadline: 30 June 2018)
Developing a methodology to distinguish the morphology of supported metal oxides using high impact synchroton and lab-based techniques (application deadline: 30 June 2018)
New methods for site-selective antibody conjugation (application deadline: 1 June 2018)
Innovative techniques for production of nanomaterials for thermoelectric devices (application deadline: 30 June 2018)
Glycoprotein synthesis using a combination of synthetic and biological components (application deadline: 30 June 2018)