Post-Doctoral Research Vacancies

Current research vacancies are listed below:

Research Associate - Research Officer in Materials Discovery, - Ref:1420533

Publication date:

Applications are invited for a Research Associate/Officer to work with Professor Kwang-Leong Choy at the Centre for Materials Discovery, University College London.  The scope of the Research Associate/Officer role is to design and develop new materials and processes. In the first instance, the successful candidate will be involved in developing novel and high performance nanostructured transparent conducting materials and thin film solar cells with high conversion efficiency, reliability and reproducibility characteristics. The role will require co-ordination with academic and industrial partners.

Research Associate in Computational Materials Chemistry - Ref: 1423530

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The Research Associate will work with Professor Nora de Leeuw in the Department of Chemistry at University College London. This computational project is part of a larger EPSRC-funded project grant on Bio-inspired nano-catalysts for CO2 conversion, which includes experimental groups in UCL Chemistry and the Harwell Catalysis Centre.

Research Associate in Computational Studies of Catalytic Materials, - Ref: 1422633

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Applications are invited for a Research Associate who will work in the Department of Chemistry, University College London. This is one of two postdoctoral positions relating to the first principles development of ammonia synthesis catalysts as part of an EPSRC funded collaboration between the University of Glasgow and University College London. This exciting project is a highly integrated computational and experimental programme directed towards the development of novel catalysts for a process of major industrial and societal impact. The computational aspect of the programme will be undertaken by the Research Associate who will be based in the group of Professor Richard Catlow at University College London, and the experimental aspect undertaken by the other Research Associate who will be based in the group of Dr Justin Hargreaves at the University of Glasgow. The programme will involve frequent project meetings and exchange of information between the two centres.

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