Entry Requirements


We make a range of offers depending on the course and your application. 

Offer range : AAA-AAB (A-levels)

General requirements

A-level Chemistry and another science/maths, a further A-level and another subject passed to AS. The other science needs to be physics, biology or geology.
Typically 6, 6, 5 at higher level with a total points score of at least 36 depending on subject choices. Chemistry and at least one of maths, physics or biology at HL.
Others Access courses, European Bacc. etc. - contact the admissions tutor.

Course specific requirements

Chemical Physics A-level (or equivalent) in Chemistry, Maths and Physics, likely AAB minimum offer
Chemistry with Maths A-level (or equivalent) in Chemistry and Math, likely AAB minimum offer.
Chemistry w/EuroLang
Modern foreign language GCSE A minimum (not necessarily the language you will study here)
Medicinal Chemistry
A-level (or equivalent) Biology an advantage although not compulsory.

Decision Criteria

Your application is considered as a whole:

  • Past / expected exam results
  • Personal Statement
  • Interview performance
  • School reference

Interview performance is the deciding factor for all those applicants who we will consider making an offer to based on all other criteria.

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Why do we have an offer range?

Because you are an individual.

Should I apply for more than one course?

No. We admit about 100 students to chemistry - there are no quotas on any course and the entry criteria are the same.

Are the entry criteria different for BSc and MSci?

No. There is no difference in offer for BSc and MSci since the first two years are the same and we expect all students to be able to achieve their potential on either course. We do not consider the BSc to be a "lesser" qualification.

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What should be in my personal statement?

Tell us why you want to spend the next 3 or 4 years studying chemistry and what excites you about that.

What is the interview about?

The interview is there to probe your potential to be a successful chemist. It will be about chemistry - we expect you to be able to solve problems that you are familiar and unfamiliar with.

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