Professor Charles Marson

Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Professor Charles Marson

Address: Department of Chemistry, UCL
Phone No: +44 (0)20 7679 4712
Fax No: +44 (0)20 7679 7463
Extension: 24712
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Research areas of interest include:

  • New synthetic methodology
  • Anti-cancer compounds
  • Enzyme inhibitors
  • Catalytic asymmetric synthesis
  • Enantiopure C2 -symmetric compounds


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Research in the Marson group involves both the uncovering of new synthetic organic methodology and the synthesis of novel organic compounds, either for use in chemical biology or medicinal chemistry. In the latter category are potent inhibitors of histone deacetylase (HDAC), as depicted in gold and magenta, docked into HDAC1 enzyme, and possessing in vitro IC50values down to 1 nM.

Research Profile

Selected Publications

  1. K. H. Peh, B. Y. Wan, E-S. K. Assem and C. M. Marson, “Effect of a Selection of Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors on Mast Cell Activation and Airway and Colonic Smooth Muscle Contraction.” International Immunopharmacology, 2008, 8, 1793-1801.
  2. C. M. Marson, “Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors: Design, Structure-Activity Relationships and Therapeutic Implications for Cancer.”, Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry 2009, 9, 661-692.
  3. E-S. K. Assem, K. H. Peh, B. Y. Wan, J. Dines, J. B. Middleton, and C. M. Marson, “Effects of a Selection of Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors on the Antigen- and Agonist(s)-Induced Tracheal Smooth Muscle Contraction.”, Inflammation Research 2009, 58, S22-S23.
  4. E-S. K. Assem, S. Mann, B. Y. C. Wan and C. M. Marson, “Effect of Antioxidants on Airway Smooth Muscle Contraction: Action of Lipoic Acid and Some of its Novel Derivatives on Guinea-Pig Tracheal Smooth Muscle.”, Inflammation Research, 2010, 59, 235-237.
  5. B. Y. Wan, S. Mann, E-S. K. Assem and C. M. Marson, “Effect of Endogenous and Synthetic Antioxidants on Hydrogen Peroxide-Induced Guinea-Pig Colon Contraction.”, Inflammation Research, 2010, 59, 231-233

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