Committee: Session 138


Who we are

Our committee is appointed annually and is in charge of organising the events and activities of the society. Here at the CPS we take an alternative view of democracy: it takes time and effort and unfortunately, being busy chemists, we like to avoid such tasks. 

Each year the outgoing president appoints his successor who is traditionally a member of staff (we are the only student society in the world to count over 100 professors as past presidents). The president appoints a committee of students who act, so to speak, as the civil service of the society. The committee is in charge of making sure the society's ideas get turned into events.

If you would like to get involved with the committee please email us at

2013/14 Committee


Dr Robert Palgrave

Vice President

Dr Caroline Knapp


Kealan Fallon


Abi Mountain

Advertising Officer

Christophe Lynch

Communications Officer

Felicity Gossan

Events Officer

Belle Taylor

Web Officer

Kathryn Ashe

Blog Writer

Jack Humphrey

CPS Team Members

Our team members support the committee and are active in the general running of the society - we could not do an effective job without their valuable contribution. If you are a current under- or post-graduate student and want to get involved, please email us at

Andrew Breeson 
Anu Naik 
Clair Chew 
David Santos Carballal 
Eloise Morecroft 
Emily Gascoigne 
Glen Smales 
Helena Pradip 
James Hindley 
James Vale 
Jutta Toscono 
Nadia Abdul-Karim 
Robert Farrow 
Shereif Mujahed 
Stephen Leach 
Trang Tran