Current PhD vacancies are listed below. See the postgraduate pages for more information on our PhD programmes.

Wellcome Trust 4-year PhD Interdisciplinary Programme in Structural, Computational and Chemical Biology
Real-time chemical imaging of promoted Fischer-Tropsch catalysts (application deadline: 01/09/2017)
A 3-year PhD studentship in Synchrotron radiation based studies of Inorganic Catalytic materials (application deadline: 5th July 2017)
A 3 years PhD studentship in competing static order and excitations in new quantum states (application deadline: 21st July 2017)
A 4-year EngD Studentship in Do Strong Environmental Electric Fields Promote Carcinogenic Mutations in DNA
A 3-year PhD studentship in Materials Chemistry (application deadline: 15/07/2017)
Critical Materials Challenges and Market Opportunities for 3D Additive Manufacturing